New advances in imaging osteoporosis and its complications
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摘要Tremendous advances have been made over the past several decades in assessing osteoporosis and its complications. High resolution imaging combined with sophisticated computational techniques now provide a detailed analysis of bone structure and a much more accurate prediction of bone strength. These techniques have shown how different mechanisms of age-related bone weakening exist in males and females. Limitations peculiar to these more advanced imaging techniques currently hinder their adoption into mainstream clinical practice. As such, the ultimate quest remains a readily available, safe, high resolution technique capable of fully predicting bone strength, capable of showing how bone strength is faltering and precisely monitoring treatment effect. Whether this technique will be based on acquisition of spine/hip data or data obtained at peripheral sites reflective of changes happening in the spine and hip regions is still not clear. In the meantime, mainstream imaging will continue to improve the detection of osteoporosis related insufficiency fracture in the clinical setting. We, as clinicians, should aim to increase awareness of this fracture type both as a frequent and varied source of pain in patients with osteoporosis and as the ultimate marker of severely impaired bone strength.
著者Griffith JF, Genant HK
出版社Humana Press
頁次39 - 51
關鍵詞Computed tomography; DXA; Fracture; Imaging; Magnetic resonance imaging; Osteoporosis
Web of Science 學科類別Endocrinology & Metabolism; ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM

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