Bridging Team Faultlines by Combining Task Role Assignment and Goal Structure Strategies
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AbstractThis study tests whether the detrimental effects of strong diversity faultlines on team performance can be counteracted by combining 2 managerial strategies: task role crosscutting and superordinate goals. We conducted a 2 (crosscut vs. aligned roles) X 2 (superordinate vs. subgroup goals) experimental study. Seventy-two 4-person teams with faultlines stemming from gender and educational major performed a complex decision-making task. The results show that teams with crosscut roles perform better when they are assigned a superordinate goal than a subgroup goal, whereas teams with aligned roles are not affected by goal manipulations. This effect is mediated by elaboration of task-relevant information. Implications for theory and management of team faultlines are discussed.
All Author(s) ListRico R, Sanchez-Manzanares M, Antino M, Lau D
Journal nameJournal of Applied Psychology
Volume Number97
Issue Number2
Pages407 - 420
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordsfaultlines management; goals; information elaboration; roles; team performance
Web of Science Subject CategoriesBusiness & Economics; Management; MANAGEMENT; Psychology; Psychology, Applied; PSYCHOLOGY, APPLIED

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