Cocoa tea (Camellia ptilophylla Chang), a natural decaffeinated species of tea - Recommendations on the proper way of preparation for consumption
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摘要Cocoa tea is a new natural decaffeinated tea. Three types of cocoa tea (green, oolong and black) were produced and their sensory evaluation scores accessed. Main components and their dissolution rates in ten infusions of the three teas were analyzed by HPLC and spectrophotometry. The comprehensive score of sensory evaluations was 85.1, 86.8 and 94.4, respectively. Upon fermentation the contents of water extract (46.67%, 41.8% and 40%), tea polyphenols (38.58%, 30.41% and 23.6%) and total catechins (23.51%, 17.68% and 4.02%) in green, oolong and black teas decreased gradually, and theaflavins (0.11%, 0.11% and 0.17%), thearubigins (4.29%, 5.00% and 9.71%), theabrownins (2.75%, 4.90% and 13.52%), water-soluble carbohydrates, flavonoid glycoside and gallic acid in the three teas increased gradually. Theobromine (3.52%, 3.43% and 3.71%) was the alkaloid present in cocoa tea and its content did not change upon fermentation. In the three teas, 9-25% of the main components dissolved in the first 10 s-infusion, more than 80% of most components dissolved in five infusions. A recommendation for consuming cocoa tea is to infuse tea leaves (g) with 50 times boiling water (ml) for 3 min, the first infusion should not be discarded and five infusions were sufficient. (C) 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
著者Yang XR, Wang YY, Li KK, Li J, Li CR, Shi XG, Ko CH, Leung PC, Ye CX, Song XH
期刊名稱Journal of Functional Foods
頁次305 - 312
關鍵詞Content; Dissolution rate; Main components; Score of sensory evaluations; Three types of cocoa tea (green, oolong and black)
Web of Science 學科類別Food Science & Technology; FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY

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