Does sarcopenia affect osteoporotic fracture healing? Myostatin as a target to enhance repair
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Aging causes a significant functional decline in both skeletal muscle and bone quality leading to osteosarcopenia. Myostatin inhibits muscle growth and is a negative factor in osteogenic differentiation. Low-magnitude high-frequency vibration (LMHFV) promotes osteoporotic fracture healing and myostatin expression. The aim was to determine whether (1) fracture healing is further delayed in osteosarcopenia (2) myostatin is a target to enhance fracture repair.

50 SAMP8 mice (osteosarcopenic) and 50 SAMR1 (osteoporosis) mice were included. A closed femur fracture model with k-wire fixation was created. Mice were randomized to control (SAMP8; n=25, SAMR1; n=25) or LMHFV (SAMP8‐V; n=25, SAMR1‐V; n=25) groups. Animals were sacrificed at weeks 2, 4 and 6. X-ray, micro-computed tomography (microCT), histology, immunohistochemistry, mechanical testing were performed. Nested case-control study of 20 osteosarcopenic and 20 osteoporotic hip fractures were recruited. Patients underwent blood taking for myostatin levels.

For X-rays, SAMP8 showed delayed fracture healing and remodelling compared to SAMR1, with LMHFV enhancing bone repair. Histology and microCT concurred with X-ray findings. Mechanical properties showed ultimate load, stiffness and energy to failure of SAMR1, SAMP8‐V and SAMR1‐V significantly higher compared with SAMP8. Myostatin expression in callus and muscle was significantly higher in SAMP8. LMHFV significantly reduced myostatin expression. Clinical data showed serum myostatin was significantly higher in osteosarcopenic compared to osteoporotic patients (45.417.4 vs. 38.315.5 ng/mL; p=0.045).

Conclusion and discussion
Fracture healing is further delayed in osteosarcopenia and myostatin is a key factor. Inhibiting myostatin serves as a novel target to enhance osteosarcopenic fracture healing.
著者Wong RMY, Zhang N, Wang J, Ng RWK, Tso CY, Tang N, Chow SKH, Cheung WH
會議名稱The 40th Annual Congress of Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association
會議地點Hong Kong

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