Cognitive skills and literacy performance of Chinese adolescents with and without dyslexia
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摘要The present study sought to identify cognitive abilities that might distinguish Hong Kong Chinese adolescents with dyslexia and to assess how these abilities were associated with Chinese word reading, word dictation, and reading comprehension. The cognitive skills of interest were morphological awareness, visual-orthographic knowledge, rapid naming, and verbal working memory. A total of 90 junior secondary school students, 30 dyslexic, 30 chronological age controls, and 30 reading level controls was tested on a range of cognitive and literacy tasks. Dyslexic students were less competent than the control students in all cognitive and literacy measures. The regression analyses also showed that verbal working memory, rapid naming, morphological awareness, and visual-orthographic knowledge were significantly associated with literacy performance. Findings underscore the importance of these cognitive skills for Chinese literacy acquisition. Overall, this study highlights the persistent difficulties of Chinese dyslexic adolescents who seem to have multiple causes for reading and spelling difficulties.
著者Chung KKH, Ho CSH, Chan DW, Tsang SM, Lee SH
期刊名稱Reading and Writing
詳細描述(Published online : 02 April 2010) [ 2009 JCR SSCI Impact Factor : 0.823 ].
出版社Springer Verlag (Germany)
頁次835 - 859
關鍵詞Adolescence; Chinese language; Developmental dyslexia; Reading and spelling difficulties
Web of Science 學科類別Education & Educational Research; EDUCATION & EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH; Psychology; Psychology, Educational; PSYCHOLOGY, EDUCATIONAL

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