Chemotype-dependent Metabolic Response to Methyl Jasmonate Elicitation in Artemisia annua
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摘要Considerable difference in artemisinin and its direct precursors, artemisinic acid and dihydroartemisinic acid, was detected between two chemotypes within the species Artemisia annua (A. annua). These two chemotypes showed differential metabolic response to methyl jasmonate (MeJA) elicitation. Exogenous application of MeJA resulted in an accumulation of dihydroartemisinic acid and artemisinin in Type I plants. In Type II plants, however, artemisinic acid and artemisinin level decreased dramatically under MeJA elicitation. Squalene and other sesquiterpenes, (e.g., caryophyllene, germacrene D), were stimulated by MeJA in both chemotypes. The effect of MeJA elicitation was also studied at the transcription level. Real time RT-PCR analysis showed a coordinated activation of most artemisinin pathway genes by MeJA in Type I plants. The lack of change in cytochrome P450 reductase (CPR) transcript in Type I plants indicates that the rate-limiting enzymes in artemisinin biosynthesis have yet to be identified. Other chemotype-specific electron donor pro-teins likely exist in A. annua to meet the demand for P450-mediated reactions in MeJA-mediated cellular processes. In Type II plants, mRNA expression patterns of most pathway genes were consistent with the reduced artemisinin level. Intriguingly, the mRNA transcript of aldehyde dehydrogenase1 (ADHL1), an enzyme which catalyzes the oxidation of artemisinic and dihydroartemisinic aldehydes, was upregulated by MeJA. The differential metabolic response to MeJA suggests a chemotype-dependent metabolic flux control towards artemisinin and sterol production in the species A. annua.
著者Wu W, Yuan M, Zhang Q, Zhu YM, Yong L, Wang W, Qi Y, Guo DJ
期刊名稱Planta Medica
出版社Georg Thieme Verlag
頁次1048 - 1053
關鍵詞Artemisia annua L.; Asteraceae; chemotype; GC-MS; methyl jasmonate; real time RT-PCR
Web of Science 學科類別Chemistry, Medicinal; CHEMISTRY, MEDICINAL; Pharmacology & Pharmacy; PHARMACOLOGY & PHARMACY; Plant Sciences; PLANT SCIENCES

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