Adaptive Block-size Transform based Just-Noticeable Difference model for images/videos
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AbstractIn this paper, we propose a novel Adaptive Block-size Transform (ART) based Just-Noticeable Difference JND) model for images/videos. Extension from 8 x 8 Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) based JND model to 16 x 16 DCT based JND is firstly performed by considering both the spatial and temporal Human Visual System (HVS) properties. For still images or INTRA video frames, a new spatial selection strategy based on the Spatial Content Similarity (SCS) between a macroblock and its sub-blocks is proposed to determine the transform size to be employed to generate the JND map. For the INTER video frames, a temporal selection strategy based on the Motion Characteristic Similarity (MCS) between a macroblock and its sub-blocks is presented to decide the transform size for the JND. Compared with other JND models, our proposed scheme can tolerate more distortions while preserving better perceptual quality. In order to demonstrate the efficiency of the ABT-based JND in modeling the HVS properties, a simple visual quality metric is designed by considering the ABT-based JND masking properties. Evaluating on the image and video subjective databases, the proposed metric delivers a performance comparable to the state-of-the-art metrics. It confirms that the ABT-based JND consists well with the HVS. The proposed quality metric also is applied on ABT-based H.264/Advanced Video Coding (AVC) for the perceptual video coding. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed method can deliver video sequences with higher visual quality at the same bit-rates. (C) 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
All Author(s) ListMa L, Ngan KN, Zhang F, Li SN
Journal nameSignal Processing: Image Communication
Volume Number26
Issue Number3
Pages162 - 174
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsAdaptive Block-size Transform (ABT); Human Visual System (HVS); Just-Noticeable Difference (JND); Motion Characteristic Similarity (MCS); Spatial Content Similarity (SCS)
Web of Science Subject CategoriesEngineering; Engineering, Electrical & Electronic; ENGINEERING, ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC

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