Background Subtraction via Robust Dictionary Learning
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摘要We propose a learning-based background subtraction approach based on the theory of sparse representation and dictionary learning. Our method makes the following two important assumptions: (1) the background of a scene has a sparse linear representation over a learned dictionary; (2) the foreground is "sparse" in the sense that majority pixels of the frame belong to the background. These two assumptions enable our method to handle both sudden and gradual background changes better than existing methods. As discussed in the paper, the way of learning the dictionary is critical to the success of background modeling in our method. To build a correct background model when training samples are not foreground-free, we propose a novel robust dictionary learning algorithm. It automatically prunes foreground pixels out as outliers at the learning stage. Experiments in both qualitative and quantitative comparisons with competing methods demonstrate the obtained robustness against background changes and better performance in foreground segmentation.
著者Zhao C, Wang XG, Cham WK
期刊名稱EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing
出版社Hindawi Publishing Corporation / SpringerOpen / Springer Verlag (Germany)
Web of Science 學科類別Engineering; Engineering, Electrical & Electronic; ENGINEERING, ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC; Imaging Science & Photographic Technology; IMAGING SCIENCE & PHOTOGRAPHIC TECHNOLOGY

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