Chemical and Genetic Assessment of Variability in Commercial Radix Astragali (Astragalus spp.) by Ion Trap LC-MS and Nuclear Ribosomal DNA Barcoding Sequence Analyses
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摘要Radix Astragali (Huangqi) has been demonstrated to have a wide range of immunopotentiating effects and has been used as an adjuvant medicine during cancer therapy. Identity issues in the collection of Radix Astragali exist because many sympatric species of Astragalus occur in the northern regions of China. In order to assess the quality, purity, and uniformity of commercial Radix Astragali, 44 samples were purchased from herbal stores in Hong Kong and New York City. The main constituents, including four isoflavonoids and three saponins, were quantitatively determined by liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS). There was significant sample-to-sample variability in the amounts of the saponins and isoflavonoids measured. Furthermore, DNA barcoding utilizing the variable nuclear ITS spacer regions of the 44 purchased Radix Astragali samples were sequenced, aligned and compared. Eight polymorphic point mutations were identified which separated the Radix Astragali samples into three groups. These results indicate that the chemical and genetic variability that exists among Radix Astragali medicinal products is still a consistency and quality issue for this herbal. Two-way ANOVA analysis showed significant effects on the contents of the seven tested compounds when both phylogenetic and geographic (i.e., point of purchase) factors were considered. Therefore, chemical profiles determined by LC-MS and DNA profiles in ITS spacer domains could serve as barcode markers for quality control of Radix Astragali.
著者Xiao WL, Motley TJ, Unachukwu UJ, Lau CBS, Jiang B, Hong F, Leung PC, Wang QF, Liyingston PO, Cassileth BR, Kennelly EJ
期刊名稱Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
出版社American Chemical Society
頁次1548 - 1556
關鍵詞Astragalus; DNA barcoding; LC-MS; Radix Astragali
Web of Science 學科類別Agriculture; Agriculture, Multidisciplinary; AGRICULTURE, MULTIDISCIPLINARY; Chemistry; Chemistry, Applied; CHEMISTRY, APPLIED; Food Science & Technology; FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY

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