Outcomes of a Two-Tiered Multifaceted Elderly Suicide Prevention Program in a Hong Kong Chinese Community
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摘要Objectives: 1) To compare the 2-year completed suicide and reattempt rates in a preintervention group of Hong Kong Chinese suicide attempters (aged 65 years and older) who received standard care and a postintervention group enrolled in a regional elderly suicide prevention program (ESPP) that adopts a two-tiered multifaceted care management model and 2) to examine the trend of suicide rates in older adults aged 65 years and older in the pre- and postintervention periods. Design: The first part is an observational cohort study with baseline, follow-up, and outcome data being identified from a clinical electronic registry. The second part examines changes in suicide rates from official mortality statistics. Setting: A government-funded suicide intervention program serving catchment population (852,796 people aged 65 years and older) in Hong Kong, China. Participants: Suicide attempters (aged 65 years and older) presenting to old-age psychiatric service in the pre- and postintervention phases. Measurements: 1) Two-year rates of completed suicide and suicide reattempt and 2) changes in population suicide rates in the pre- and postintervention periods. Results: The 2-year completed suicide rate was 7.58% in the preintervention group (N = 66) and 1.99% in the ESPP group (N = 351) chi(2) = 6.192; p value: 0.028; df = 1). Reattempt rates were not different. At a population level, suicide rate dropped significantly only in women aged 85 years and older, relative to the preintervention period. Conclusions: The ESPP was associated with a reduced rate of completed suicide in old-age suicide attempters and might have contributed to a fall of suicide rate in women aged 85 years and older. (Am J Geriatr Psychiatry 2011; 19: 1-12)
著者Chan SS, Leung VPY, Tsoh J, Li SW, Yu CS, Yu GKK, Poon TK, Pan PC, Chan WF, Conwell Y, Lam LCW, Chiu HFK
期刊名稱American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry
頁次185 - 196
關鍵詞intervention; old-age; Suicide
Web of Science 學科類別Geriatrics & Gerontology; GERIATRICS & GERONTOLOGY; Gerontology; GERONTOLOGY; Psychiatry; PSYCHIATRY, SCI; PSYCHIATRY, SSCI

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