Heteroepitaxial Growth of Core-Shell and Core-Multishell Nanocrystals Composed of Palladium and Gold
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AbstractThe heteroepitaxial growth of the core-shell nanocrystals composed of Pd and Au is developed. Pd nanocubes or Au nano-octahedrons are utilized as the cores. The growths of the Au and Pd shells are realized under similar conditions, where the same reducing agent and stabilizing surfactant are employed. The preparation is highly controllable, and the epitaxial growth is repeated up to three times to yield Pd@Au@Pd@Au and Au@Pd@Au@Pd core-trishell nanocrystals. The thickness of each shell is readily varied by changing the amount of the metal salts used for growth. All of the nanocrystal products have narrow size distributions and are single-crystalline. The plasmon resonance properties of these nanocrystals are mainly determined by the exterior shell. The plasmon of the Pd-shell-terminated nanocrystals is suppressed, while that of the Au-shell-terminated ones is recovered and is stronger when the Au shell becomes thicker. This growth method can potentially be extended to other metals for the synthetic design of more complex core-multishell metal nanostructures with desirable optical, catalytic, and magnetic properties.
All Author(s) ListWang F, Sun LD, Feng W, Chen HJ, Yeung MH, Wang JF, Yan CH
Journal nameSmall
Volume Number6
Issue Number22
PublisherWiley: 12 months
Pages2566 - 2575
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
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