Multiscale streamflow variations of the Pearl River basin and possible implications for the water resource management within the Pearl River Delta, China
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摘要Long monthly streamflow series of three control hydrological stations of the Pearl River basin were analyzed by using the scanning t-test and the scanning F-test. Possible implications of the changing properties of streamflow variations for the water resource management of the Pearl River Delta are also discussed. The results indicated that: 1) more complicated changes were observed in terms of the second center moment when compared to the first original moment More significant abrupt changes of the second center moment imply more sensitive response of streamflow stability to climate changes and human activities; 2) abrupt behaviors of the first (second) center moment of the streamflow variations tend to be more sensitive to climate changes and/or human activities in the larger river basin when compared to those in the smaller river basin. These phenomena are attributed to buffering functions of more storage space of longer river channel, and more complicated and longer runoff yield and concentration processes in the river basin of larger drainage area; 3) annual minimum streamflow of the Pearl River basin tends to be increasing. This will be helpful for better human mitigation of the salinity intrusion in dry seasons across the Pearl River Delta. Annual maximum streamflow, when compared to annual minimum streamflow, shows larger-magnitude variability reflected by larger standard deviation, implying unfavorable conditions for flood mitigation in the Pearl River Delta. The results of this paper are of scientific and practical merits for water resource management and sound human mitigation to water hazards across the Pearl River Delta, and also are a good case study for similar researches in other river deltas in the world under the changing environment. (C) 2009 Elsevier Ltd and INQUA. All rights reserved.
著者Chen YQD, Zhang QA, Xu CY, Lu XX, Zhang SR
期刊名稱Quaternary International
頁次44 - 53
Web of Science 學科類別Geography, Physical; GEOGRAPHY, PHYSICAL; Geology; Geosciences, Multidisciplinary; GEOSCIENCES, MULTIDISCIPLINARY; Physical Geography

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