Complete genome sequence of the rifamycin SV-producing Amycolatopsis mediterranei U32 revealed its genetic characteristics in phylogeny and metabolism
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摘要Amycolatopsis mediterranei is used for industry-scale production of rifamycin, which plays a vital role in antimycobacterial therapy. As the first sequenced genome of the genus Amycolatopsis, the chromosome of strain U32 comprising 10 236 715 base pairs, is one of the largest prokaryotic genomes ever sequenced so far. Unlike the linear topology found in streptomycetes, this chromosome is circular, particularly similar to that of Saccharopolyspora erythraea and Nocardia farcinica, representing their close relationship in phylogeny and taxonomy. Although the predicted 9 228 protein-coding genes in the A. mediterranei genome shared the greatest number of orthologs with those of S. erythraea, it was unexpectedly followed by Streptomyces coelicolor rather than N. farcinica, indicating the distinct metabolic characteristics evolved via adaptation to diverse ecological niches. Besides a core region analogous to that common in streptomycetes, a novel 'quasi-core' with typical core characteristics is defined within the non-core region, where 21 out of the total 26 gene clusters for secondary metabolite production are located. The rifamycin biosynthesis gene cluster located in the core encodes a cytochrome P450 enzyme essential for the conversion of rifamycin SV to B, revealed by comparing to the highly homologous cluster of the rifamycin B-producing strain S699 and further confirmed by genetic complementation. The genomic information of A. mediterranei demonstrates a metabolic network orchestrated not only for extensive utilization of various carbon sources and inorganic nitrogen compounds but also for effective funneling of metabolic intermediates into the secondary antibiotic synthesis process under the control of a seemingly complex regulatory mechanism.
著者Zhao W, Zhong Y, Yuan H, Wang J, Zheng HJ, Wang Y, Cen XF, Xu F, Bai J, Han XB, Lu G, Zhu YQ, Shao ZH, Yan H, Li C, Peng NQ, Zhang ZL, Zhang YY, Lin W, Fan Y, Qin ZJ, Hu YF, Zhu BL, Wang SY, Ding XM, Zhao GP
期刊名稱Cell Research
詳細描述Epub ahead of print.
出版社Nature Publishing Group: Open Access Hybrid Model Option B
頁次1096 - 1108
關鍵詞Amycolatopsis mediterranei; genome; metabolism; P450; phylogeny; rifamycin
Web of Science 學科類別Cell Biology; CELL BIOLOGY

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