An unusual cluster of HIV-1 B/F recombinants in an Asian population
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摘要We report the detection of multiple HIV strains in injection drug users (IDU) in Macao, which appear to be derived from subtypes F, G, and CRF12_BF. A total of 14 HIV-infected IDU samples were collected and examined. Direct sequencing was performed to obtain the gag, pol, and env fragments. The subtypes of individual viral sequences were determined using the REGA subtyping tool. The concatenated sequences were aligned with reference sequences retrieved from the Los Alamos National Laboratory HIV database. We found 11 unusual cases in Macao, which showed characteristics of CRF12_BF (n = 2) and CRF14_BG (n = 8), and one that could not be classified into an existing subtype/CRF, along with three cases of CRF01_AE. Interestingly, the sequences derived from subtypes BG and BF recombinants have not been previously reported in any other Asian cities. Another subtype, CRF14_BG, has also been introduced into Macao among the IDUs. In conclusion, human activity, including travel over long distances and injection drug usage have fueled the spread of HIV and have provided a platform for recombination, which may otherwise have taken years to happen. (C) 2010 International Society for Infectious Diseases. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
著者Leung RKK, Fong FNY, Au TCC, Lau IF, Chan PKS, Zhang CY, Ip PK, Lam C, Lee SS, Tsui SKW
期刊名稱International Journal of Infectious Diseases
頁次E294 - E298
關鍵詞HIV-1; IDU; Macao; Molecular epidemiology; Recombinant
Web of Science 學科類別Infectious Diseases; INFECTIOUS DISEASES

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