Integrating phenomenography with discourse analysis to study Hong Kong prospective teachers' conceptions of curriculum leadership
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摘要Curriculum leadership is commonly regarded as an essential element in supporting school development and facilitating curriculum change processes. The study identified the qualitative variation in conceptions of curriculum leadership in the development of curriculum leadership, and to describe these variations in terms of categories of description. Phenomenography, with the integrated use of discourse analysis, is applied to reveal the variations of experience in the participants through describing and comparing the conceptions and understandings of the context-dependent phenomenon – curriculum leadership. Taking purposive sampling, a group of 24 prospective teachers were invited for individual semi-structured interviews. The findings of the study imply that conceptions of curriculum leadership held by prospective teachers should be taken into consideration for the planning and organization of teacher education programs concerning curriculum development and implementation.
著者WAN Wai-Yan Sally, LEUNG Kit Ying Suzannie
期刊名稱Cambridge Journal of Education
出版社Taylor & Francis
關鍵詞phenomenography, curriculum leadership, Hong Kong, prospective teachers, teacher education

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