Effect of Blue Light Radiation on Curcumin-Induced Cell Death of Breast Cancer Cells
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AbstractIn the present study, we have successfully set up a novel blue light source with the power density of 9 mW/cm(2) and the wavelength of 435.8 nm and then the novel light source was used to investigate the effect of light radiation on curcumin-induced cell death. The cytotoxicity was investigated 24 h after the treatment of curcumin and blue light radiation together using MTT reduction assay. Nuclear chromatin was observed using a fluorescent microscopy with Hoechst33258 staining. The results showed blue light radiation could significantly enhance the cytotoxicity of curcumin on the MCF-7 cells and apoptosis induction. These findings demonstrated that blue light radiation could enhance curcumin-induced cell death of breast cancer cells, suggesting light radiation may be an efficient enhancer of curcumin in the management of breast cancer.
All Author(s) ListZeng XB, Leung AWN, Xia XS, Yu HP, Bai DQ, Xiang JY, Jiang Y, Xu CS
Journal nameLaser Physics
Volume Number20
Issue Number6
Pages1500 - 1503
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Web of Science Subject CategoriesOptics; OPTICS; Physics; Physics, Applied; PHYSICS, APPLIED

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