Biodegradable magnesium pins enhanced the healing of transverse patellar fracture in rabbits
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摘要Displaced fractures of patella often require open reduction surgery and internal fixation to restore the extensor continuity and articular congruity. Fracture fixation with biodegradable magnesium (Mg) pins enhanced fracture healing. We hypothesized that fixation with Mg pins and their degradation over time would enhance healing of patellar fracture radiologically, mechanically, and histologically. Transverse patellar fracture surgery was performed on thirty-two 18-weeks old female New Zealand White Rabbits. The fracture was fixed with a pin made of stainless steel or pure Mg, and a figure-of-eight stainless steel band wire. Samples were harvested at week 8 or 12, and assessed with microCT, tensile testing, microindentation, and histology. Microarchitectural analysis showed that Mg group showed 12% higher in the ratio of bone volume to tissue volume at week 8, and 38.4% higher of bone volume at week 12. Tensile testing showed that the failure load and stiffness of Mg group were 66.9% and 104% higher than the control group at week 8, respectively. At week 12, Mg group was 60.8% higher in ultimate strength than the control group. Microindentation showed that, compared to the Control group, Mg group showed 49.9% higher Vickers hardness and 31% higher elastic modulus at week 8 and 12, respectively. At week 12, the new bone of Mg group remodelled to laminar bone, but those of the control group remained woven bone-like. Fixation of transverse patellar fracture with Mg pins and its degradation enhanced new bone formation and mechanical properties of the repaired patella compared to the Control group.
著者Dick Ho Kiu Chow, Jiali Wang, Peng Wan, Lizhen Zheng, Michael Tim Yun Ong, Le Huang, Wenxue Tong, Lili Tan, Ke Yang, Ling Qin
期刊名稱Bioactive Materials
頁次4176 - 4185

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