The Modification of Circadian Clock Components in Soybean During Domestication and Improvement
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摘要Agricultural production is greatly dependent on daylength, which is determined by latitude. Living organisms align their physiology to daylength through the circadian clock, which is made up of input sensors, core and peripheral clock components, and output. The light/dark cycle is the major input signal, moderated by temperature fluctuations and metabolic changes. The core clock in plants functions mainly through a number of transcription feedback loops. It is known that the circadian clock is not essential for survival. However, alterations in the clock components can lead to substantial changes in physiology. Thus, these clock components have become the de facto targets of artificial selection for crop improvement during domestication. Soybean was domesticated around 5,000 years ago. Although the circadian clock itself is not of particular interest to soybean breeders, specific alleles of the circadian clock components that affect agronomic traits, such as plant architecture, sensitivity to light/dark cycle, flowering time, maturation time, and yield, are. Consequently, compared to their wild relatives, cultivated soybeans have been bred to be more adaptive and productive at different latitudes and habitats for acreage expansion, even though the selection processes were made without any prior knowledge of the circadian clock. Now with the advances in comparative genomics, known modifications in the circadian clock component genes in cultivated soybean have been found, supporting the hypothesis that modifications of the clock are important for crop improvement. In this review, we will summarize the known modifications in soybean circadian clock components as a result of domestication and improvement. In addition to the well-studied effects on developmental timing, we will also discuss the potential of circadian clock modifications for improving other aspects of soybean productivity.
著者Li M, Lam HM
期刊名稱Frontiers in Genetics
出版社Frontiers Media

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