Differential RNA Editing and Intron Splicing in Soybean Mitochondria during Nodulation
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AbstractNitrogen fixation in soybean consumes a tremendous amount of energy, leading to substantial differences in energy metabolism and mitochondrial activities between nodules and uninoculated roots. While C-to-U RNA editing and intron splicing of mitochondrial transcripts are common in plant species, their roles in relation to nodule functions are still elusive. In this study, we performed RNA-seq to compare transcript profiles and RNA editing of mitochondrial genes in soybean nodules and roots. A total of 631 RNA editing sites were identified on mitochondrial transcripts, with 12% or 74 sites differentially edited among the transcripts isolated from nodules, stripped roots, and uninoculated roots. Eight out of these 74 differentially edited sites are located on the matR transcript, of which the degrees of RNA editing were the highest in the nodule sample. The degree of mitochondrial intron splicing was also examined. The splicing efficiencies of several introns in nodules and stripped roots were higher than in uninoculated roots. These include nad1 introns 2/3/4, nad4 intron 3, nad5 introns 2/3, cox2 intron 1, and ccmFc intron 1. A greater splicing efficiency of nad4 intron 1, a higher NAD4 protein abundance, and a reduction in supercomplex I + III2 were also observed in nodules, although the causal relationship between these observations requires further investigation.
All Author(s) ListSun YZ, Xie M, Xu Z, Chan KC, Zhong JY, Fan KJ, Wong-Bajracharya J, Lam HM, Lim BL
Journal nameInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences
Volume Number21
Issue Number24
Article number9378
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordscomplex I, intron splicing, maturase, NDH, RNA editing, mitochondria
Web of Science Subject CategoriesBiochemistry & Molecular Biology;Chemistry, Multidisciplinary;Biochemistry & Molecular Biology;Chemistry

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