Elderly men have much lower vertebral fracture risk than elderly women even at advanced age: the MrOS and MsOS (Hong Kong) year 14 follow-up radiology results
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MrOS MsOS (Hong Kong) studies year 14 follow-up shows for subjects without baseline osteoporotic vertebral deformity, women’s incident vertebral fracture (VF) rate was twice that of men. For subjects with vertebral deformity of baseline ≥ 20% height loss, counting subject, women’s incident VF rate was three times higher than that of men.

For MrOS MsOS (Hong Kong) baseline (BL) studies, 2000 men and 2000 women ≥ 65 years were recruited during 2001 to 2003. This study presents the year 14 follow-up (FU).

Whole spine MRI was performed in 271 males (mean, 82.8 ± 3.6 years) and 150 females (mean, 82.0 ± 4.29 years). Osteoporotic vertebral deformity (OVD) classification included no OVD (grade 0), and OVDs with < 20%, 20~25%, > 25%~1/3, > 1/3~40%, > 40%~2/3, and > 2/3 height loss (grade 1~6). With an existing VD, a further height loss of ≥ 15% was a VD progression. A new incident VD was a change from grade 0 to ≥ grade 2 or to grade 1 with ≥ 10% height loss. OVD progression and new incident OVD were considered incident VF.

The proportion of osteoporotic subjects only slightly increased during FU for men but doubled for women. Groupwise, OVD was not associated with back pain in men; but OVD with > 1/3 height loss was associated with back pain in women. For subjects without BL OVD, 7.9% of men and 14.6% of women had incident VF. For subjects with BL OVD of ≥ 20% height loss, men’s and women’s incident VF were 17.6% and 52.6%, respectively, counting subject and 1.68% and 7.89%, respectively, counting vertebra.

Elderly men with or without existing osteoporotic VD have much lower future VF risk than elderly women.
著者Wang Yi Xiang J, Nazmi Che-Nordin, Leung Jason C.S., Yu Blanche Wai Man, Griffith James F., Kwok Timothy C.Y.
期刊名稱Archives of Osteoporosis
關鍵詞Incidence, Osteoporosis, Progression, Spine, Vertebral fracture, Bone mineral density

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