Designing delivery models of traditional and complementary medicine services: a review of international experiences
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The World Health Organization advocates integration of traditional and complementary medicine (T&CM) into the conventional health services delivery system. Integrating quality services in a patient-centred manner faces substantial challenges when T&CM is delivered within a health system dominated by conventional medicine. This review has synthesized international experiences of integration strategies across different contexts.

Sources of data:
Publications describing international experiences of delivering T&CM service in conventional healthcare settings were searched. Backward and forward citation chasing was also conducted.

Areas of agreement:
Capable leaders are crucial in seeking endorsement from stakeholders within the conventional medicine hierarchy and regulatory bodies. However, patient demands for integrative care can be successful as demonstrated by cases included in this review, as can the promotion of the use of T&CM for filling effectiveness gaps in conventional medicine. Safeguarding quality and safety of the services is a priority.

Areas of controversy:
Different referral mechanisms between conventional and T&CM practitioners suit different contexts, but at a minimum, general guideline on responsibilities across the two professionals is required. Evidence-based condition-specific referral protocols with detailed integrative treatment planning are gaining in popularity.

Growing points: Interprofessional education is critical to establishing mutual trust and understanding between conventional clinicians and T&CM practitioners. Interprofessional communication is key to a successful collaboration,
which can be strengthened by patient chart sharing, instant information exchange, and dedicated time for face-to-face interactions.

Areas timely for developing research:
Research is needed on the optimal methods for financing integrated care to ensure equitable access, as well as
in remuneration of T&CM practitioners working in integrative healthcare.
著者Chung VCH, Ho LTF, Leung TH, Wong CHL
期刊名稱British Medical Bulletin
頁次70 - 81
關鍵詞integrative medicine, delivery of healthcare, interprofessional relations, patient care team, medicine, traditional, complementary therapies

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