Can compassion to the self be extended to others: the association of self-compassion and other-focused concern
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摘要Although self-compassion has consistently been shown to be effective in the promotion of well-being, its effects in the promotion of compassion to others has been limited. The present study examined the causal effect of self-compassion on other-focused concern through three studies. Study 1 and Study 2 showed that a one-week practice of self-compassion was effective in the promotion of self-compassion. However, compassion to others was significantly decreased in both self-compassion and control conditions in Study 1 and it did not significantly increase in Study 2. With a didactic element added in Study 3, the cultivation of self-compassion, compassion to others, and both, significantly promoted both self- and other-compassion. However, results also indicated the stronger effects of cultivation of other-compassion or cultivation of both self- and other-compassion on other-focused concern than the cultivation of self-compassion alone and highlighted the importance of didactic element in the cultivation of self-compassion on other-focused concern.
著者Chio F.H.N., Mak W.W.S., Cheng R.H.L., Hsu A.Y.K., Kwan H.H.M.
期刊名稱Journal of Positive Psychology
關鍵詞compassion to others, other-focused concern, Self-compassion, universalism

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