A pilot study on the effectiveness of low-intensity cognitive-behavioural therapy (LiCBT) for common mental disorders in Hong Kong
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AbstractBackground: To cope with the rising demand for psychological treatment, evidence-based low-intensity cognitive behavioural therapy (LiCBT) delivered by trained para-professionals was introduced internationally.

Aims: This pilot study aimed at examining the effectiveness of LiCBT in Hong Kong.

Method: This study was of an uncontrolled pre- and post-treatment design, testing LiCBT at a local community mental health centre in Hong Kong. Two hundred and eighty-five Chinese adult help-seekers to the centre attended two or more sessions of LiCBT delivered by trained para-professionals. These participants also rated their depression and anxiety on the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9) and Generalised Anxiety Disorder Scale-7 (GAD-7), respectively, at pre- and post-treatment.

Results: Comparison of the pre- and post-treatment PHQ-9 and GAD-7 scores of 285 participants indicated significant improvements in depression and anxiety with large effect sizes (depression: d = 0.87; anxiety: d = 0.95). For those participants reaching the clinical level of either depression and/or anxiety at pre-treatment (n = 229, 80.4%), they reported even larger effect sizes (depression: d = 1.00; anxiety: d = 1.15). The recovery rate was 55.9% with a reliable improvement rate of 63.9%. An average of 5.6 sessions was offered to the participants with each session spanning a mean of 42 minutes. The baseline clinical conditions and participants' educational level were predictive of post-treatment recovery.

Conclusions: The results supported the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of LiCBT for depression and anxiety at a Hong Kong community mental health centre. The effect sizes and the recovery and reliable improvement rates achieved were comparable to those reported from countries such as the UK and Australia.
Acceptance Date30/11/2020
All Author(s) ListPowell C.L.Y.M., Lo A.P.K., Yeung G.T.Y., Leung N.T.Y., Mak W.W.S., So S.H., Chiu C.D., Yau S.S.W., Mullan E.G., Leung P.W.L.
Journal nameBehavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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