Visual word form processing deficits driven by severity of reading impairments in children with developmental dyslexia
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摘要The visual word form area (VWFA) in the left ventral occipito-temporal (vOT) cortex is key to fluent reading in children and adults. Diminished VWFA activation during print processing tasks is a common finding in subjects with severe reading problems. Here, we report fMRI data from a multicentre study with 140 children in primary school (7.9–12.2 years; 55 children with dyslexia, 73 typical readers, 12 intermediate readers). All performed a semantic task on visually presented words and a matched control task on symbol strings. With this large group of children, including the entire spectrum from severely impaired to highly fluent readers, we aimed to clarify the association of reading fluency and left vOT activation during visual word processing. The results of this study confirm reduced word-sensitive activation within the left vOT in children with dyslexia. Interestingly, the association of reading skills and left vOT activation was especially strong and spatially extended in children with dyslexia. Thus, deficits in basic visual word form processing increase with the severity of reading disability but seem only weakly associated with fluency within the typical reading range suggesting a linear dependence of reading scores with VFWA activation only in the poorest readers.
著者Brem S., Maurer U., Kronbichler M., Schurz M., Richlan F., Blau V., Reithler J., Van der Mark S., Schulz E., Bucher K., Moll K., Landerl K., Martin E., Goebel R., Schulte-Körne G., Blomert L., Wimmer H., Brandeis D.
期刊名稱Scientific Reports
出版社Nature Research
關鍵詞Dyslexia, fMRI, VWFA, vOT, visual-orthographic processing, severity

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