A high methionine and low folate diet alters glucose homeostasis and gut microbiome
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AbstractHyperhomocysteinemia (HHcy) is considered as a risk factor for several complications, including cardiovascular and neurological disorders. A high methionine low folate (HMLF) diet chronically causes HHcy by accumulating homocysteine in the systemic circulation. Elevated Hcy level is also associated with the incidence of diabetes mellitus. However, very few studies focus on the impact of HMLF diet on glucose homeostasis, and that on gut microbiome profile. HHcy was induced by feeding C57BL/6 mice a HMLF diet for 8 weeks. The HMLF diet feeding resulted in a progressive body weight loss, and development of slight glucose intolerance and insulin resistance in HHcy mice. Notably, the HMLF diet alters the gut microbiome profile and increases the relative abundance of porphyromonadaceae family of bacteria in HHcy mice. These findings provide new insights into the roles of dysregulated glucose homeostasis and gut flora in the pathogenesis of HHcy-related complications.
All Author(s) ListChak Kwong Cheng, Chenguang Wang, Wenbin Shang, Chi Wai Lau, Jiang-Yun Luo, Li Wang, Yu Huang
Journal nameBiochemistry and Biophysics Reports
Detailed descriptionCorresponding author: HUANG Yu
Volume Number25
Article number100921
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsHyperhomocysteinemia, Glucose homeostasis, Gut microbiome, 16S rRNA sequencing, Porphyromonadaceae

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