Independent Pattern Formation of Nanorod and Nanoparticle Swarms under an Oscillating Field
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摘要Natural swarms can be formed by various creatures. The swarms can conduct demanded behaviors to adapt to their living environments, such as passing through harsh terrains and protecting each other from predators. At micrometer and nanometer scales, formation of a swarm pattern relies on the physical or chemical interactions between the agents owing to the absence of an on-board device. Independent pattern formation of different swarms, especially under the same input, is a more challenging task. In this work, a swarm of nickel nanorods is proposed and by exploiting its different behavior with the nanoparticle swarm, independent pattern formation of diverse microrobotic swarms under the same environment can be conducted. A mathematical model for the nanorod swarm is constructed, and the mechanism is illustrated. Two-region pattern changing of the nanorod swarm is discovered and compared with the one-region property of the nanoparticle swarm. Experimental characterization of the nanorod swarm pattern is conducted to prove the concept and validate the effectiveness of the theoretical analysis. Furthermore, independent pattern formation of different microrobotic swarms was demonstrated. The pattern of the nanorod swarm could be adjusted while the other swarm was kept unchanged. Simultaneous pattern changing of two swarms was achieved as well. As a fundamental research on the microrobotic swarm, this work presents how the nanoscale magnetic anisotropy of building agents affects their macroscopic swarm behaviors and promotes further development on the independent control of microrobotic swarms under a global field input.
著者Du X, Yu J, Jin D, Chiu PWY, Zhang L
期刊名稱ACS Nano
出版社American Chemical Society
頁次4429 - 4439
關鍵詞microrobots, swarm pattern, individual control, nanorods, nanoparticles

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