COVID-19 and endoscopic management of superficial gastrointestinal neoplastic lesions: a multinational cross-sectional survey
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摘要Introduction: We aimed to report the impact of the pandemic lockdown period on the treatment and prognosis of superficial gastrointestinal neoplastic lesions.

Methods: A survey was completed by 11 centers from four continents regarding postponements during the early lockdown period of the pandemic, and the same period in 2019.

Results: In 2020, 55 % of the scheduled procedures were deferred, which was 11 times higher than in 2019; the main reasons were directly related to COVID-19. In countries that were highly affected, this proportion rose to 76 % vs. 26 % in those where there was less impact. Despite the absolute reduction, the relative distribution in 2019 vs. 2020 was similar, the only exception being duodenal lesions (affected by a 92 % reduction in mucosectomies). Although it is expected that the majority of postponements will not affect the stage (based on the results from biopsies and/or endoscopic appearance), 3 % of delayed procedures will probably require surgery.

Conclusions: The lockdown period caused by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic led to a substantial reduction in the number of endoscopic resections for neoplastic lesions. Nevertheless, based on clinical judgment, the planned median delay will not worsen the prognosis of the affected patients.
著者Rodríguez-Carrasco M, Albéniz E, Bhandari P, Beyna T, Bourke MJ, Min A, Chiu PWY, Chu S, Yip HC, Deprez PH, Emura F, Repici A, Suzuki N, Yahagi N, Kubosawa Y, Hassan C, Dinis-Ribeiro M
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