Colonic endoscopic submucosal dissection using a novel robotic system (with video)
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摘要Background and Aims: One of the difficulties in performing endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) is the lack of retraction during submucosal dissection. The development of the EndoMaster EASE System (EndoMaster Pte Ltd, Singapore) aims to enhance the safety and efficacy of ESD through 2 flexible robotic arms for tissue retraction and dissection. This is a preclinical animal study to evaluate the performance of colorectal ESD using the latest version of the EndoMaster EASE System. Methods: The latest version of the EndoMaster EASE System consists of an independently designed, flexible platform with a built-in endoscopic imaging system and 3 working channels, 2 for the passage of robotic arms and 1 for accessories. In this animal study, the outcome measures were operating time (from starting incision to finishing dissection), completeness of resection, procedure-related adverse events, and limitations of arm manipulation in a narrow working space as assessed by counting the frequency of blind cutting. Results: Five ESD procedures were performed in a 66.7-kg porcine model with the animal under general anesthesia. The mean operative time was 73.8 minutes, and the mean size of the specimen resected was 1340 mm2. There was no perforation, although profuse bleeding was encountered during 1 robotic ESD procedure. Conclusions: The current preclinical study confirmed the feasibility of performing colorectal ESD using the latest version of the EndoMaster EASE System. The system was also tested for the ability to manage adverse events including bleeding and perforation. This study provided important preclinical experience for clinical trial.
著者Chiu PWY, Ho KY, Phee SJ
期刊名稱Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
頁次1172 - 1177

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