Benefits and Efficacy of Cochlear Implant System in Persons with Single-sided Deafness
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摘要Introduction: Studies indicate that individuals with a unilateral or asymmetric severe to profound hearing loss may benefit from receiving a cochlear implant by achieving improved speech perception, no matter at word or sentence level, in quiet or in noise. Many cochlear implant users also report a reduction in their tinnitus. Thus a series of studies with prospective, observational, within-subjects repeated-measures design, has been carried out in a tertiary referral clinic over the past 6 years.
Methods: Adults or children aged 6 years or above were recruited in this series of studies. The first objective of this series of studies was to demonstrate that word and sentence understanding in quiet and in noise with the cochlear implant system are better than pre-implant scores with conventional amplification in the implanted ear. The second objective was to demonstrate a decrease of tinnitus for the sub population suffering from a very severe tinnitus at baseline. Age- and culturally-appropriate speech perception test materials and test tools, including questionnaires validated in the local language, were used. Measurements were made at multiple timepoints including 1, 6, 12, 18, and 24 months post device activation.
Results: Trends of steady improvements in speech perception, at both word and sentence levels, over the course of time, were clearly observed in the aggregated data. Slow yet steady decrease in tinnitus measurements were also observed. As part of the studies and data collection are still ongoing, results on other subjective measurements or questionnaires will be further discussed in the presentation.
Conclusion: This series of studies were conducted in regions outside the jurisdiction of FDA. Study devices of various brands were used in this series. This is probably a unique opportunity to review how individuals unilateral or asymmetric severe to profound hearing loss can be benefitted from cochlear implant systems, regardless of the make and model of the system.
著者Iris H.-Y. Ng, Carol M.K. Cheung, Kammy N.K. Yeung, Kit T.Y. Chan, Michael C.F. Tong
會議名稱CI2021 Cochlear Implants in Children and Adults: Cochlear Implantation: It takes a village
關鍵詞hearing loss, unilateral, tinnitus, speech perception

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