Efficient and bright warm-white electroluminescence from lead-free metal halides
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AbstractSolution-processed metal-halide perovskites are emerging as one of the most promising materials for displays, lighting and energy generation. Currently, the best-performing perovskite optoelectronic devices are based on lead halides and the lead toxicity severely restricts their practical applications. Moreover, efficient white electroluminescence from broadband-emission metal halides remains a challenge. Here we demonstrate efficient and bright lead-free LEDs based on cesium copper halides enabled by introducing an organic additive (Tween, polyethylene glycol sorbitan monooleate) into the precursor solutions. We find the additive can reduce the trap states, enhancing the photoluminescence quantum efficiency of the metal halide films, and increase the surface potential, facilitating the hole injection and transport in the LEDs. Consequently, we achieve warm-white LEDs reaching an external quantum efficiency of 3.1% and a luminance of 1570cdm(-2) at a low voltage of 5.4V, showing great promise of lead-free metal halides for solution-processed white LED applications. Designing efficient light-emitting diodes with white-light-emission from broadband-emission metal halides remains a challenge. Here, the authors demonstrate bright and efficient lead-free LEDs based on cesium copper halides enabled by introducing Tween organic additive in the precursor.
All Author(s) ListChen H, Zhu L, Xue C, Liu PL, Du XR, Wen KC, Zhang H, Xu L, Xiang CS, Lin C, Qin MC, Zhang J, Jiang T, Yi C, Cheng L, Zhang CL, Yang PH, Niu ML, Xu WJ, Lai JY, Cao Y, Chang J, Tian H, Jin YZ, Lu XH, Jiang L, Wang NN, Huang W, Wang JP
Journal nameNature Communications
Volume Number12
Issue Number1
Article number1421
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Web of Science Subject CategoriesMultidisciplinary Sciences;Science & Technology - Other Topics

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