Cluster correlation expansion for studying decoherence of clock transitions in spin baths
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摘要The clock transitions (CTs) or optimal working points (OWPs) of central qubits have long coherence times because their frequency fluctuations vanish in the linear order of external field noise (such as Overhauser fields from nuclear spin baths). Therefore, CTs (or OWPs) are useful for quantum technologies. Also, the quadratic dependence of frequencies on noises makes the CT decoherence an interesting physics problem. Thus we are motivated to study the decoherence of CTs. We consider noise from spin baths, which is one of the most relevant mechanisms of qubit decoherence. Various quantum many-body methods have been developed to study the decoherence of a central spin in spin baths. In particular, the cluster-correlation expansion (CCE) systematically accounts for the many-body correlations that cause the central spin decoherence. However, the CCE cannot be straightforwardly applied to CTs in spin baths, for the expansion may fail to converge due to the effective long-range interactions resulting from the quadratic term of the noise (e.g., the second-order interaction mediated by hyperfine interactions for a nuclear spin bath). In this work, we develop a modified CCE method to tackle this class of decoherence problems. By diagonalizing the central spin Hamiltonian for each bath eigenstate of the hyperfine interaction, we find that the effects of long-range interactions are absorbed as fluctuations of central spin eigenenergies in the form of single-spin correlations. We apply the method to two important systems, namely, nitrogen vacancy center electron spins in near zero magnetic field and the singlet-triplet transition of two electrons in a double quantum dot. The numerical simulation shows that the modified CCE converges rapidly for the CTs. This modified cluster correlation expansion provides a nonperturbative approach to treating the central spin mediated long-range interactions in central spin decoherence problems.
著者Zhang GL, Ma WL, Liu RB
期刊名稱Physical Review B
Web of Science 學科類別Materials Science, Multidisciplinary;Physics, Applied;Physics, Condensed Matter;Materials Science;Physics

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