Rubinoboletus ballouii polysaccharides exhibited immunostimulatory activities through toll-like receptor-4 via NF-κB pathway
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AbstractThe biological activities of water-soluble components of edible mushroom Rubinoboletus ballouii (RB) were seldom reported. Polysaccharides of RB (RBP) were prepared and well-characterized using chemical analyses. The immunomodulatory properties of RBP were investigated using human monocyte-derived dendritic cells (moDC) in vitro, and cyclophosphamide (CTX)-induced immunosuppressive mouse model. Results showed that RBP was found to contain 80.6% (w/w) of neutral sugars including D-fucose, D-mannose, D-glucose and D-galactose (1.7:1.4:1.0:1.8), and 12.5% (w/w) of proteins, which composed of glutamine, threonine, serine, etc. RBP could promote the maturation of moDC and increase the secretion of IL-12p40, IL-10, and TNF-α. Furthermore, the stimulation of IL-12p40 production was inhibited by pretreatment with toll-like receptor (TLR)-4 blocker or NF-κB pathway blocker, suggesting that the activation of moDC by RBP was mediated through NF-κB pathway via TLR-4 receptor. On the other hand, in CTX-treated mice, RBP restored the loss of CD34brightCD45dim hematopoietic stem cells and increased IL-2 production in sera and splenocytes culture supernatant, as well as up-regulated the percentage of CD4+ T helper lymphocyte in mice splenocytes. These findings strongly suggested that RBP are the active ingredients of RB responsible for its immunostimulatory actions and deserved to be further investigated as cancer supplements.
All Author(s) ListLi LF, Yue GG, Chan BC, Zeng Q, Han QB, Leung PC, Fung KP, Liu JK, Lau CB
Journal namePhytotherapy Research
Volume Number35
Issue Number4
Pages2108 - 2118
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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