An evidence-based herbal supplement for the control of metabolic syndrome
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AbstractBackground: Metabolic Syndrome (MS): Overweight, Obesity, Hypertension, Hyperglycemia and Hypercholesterolemia, are generally accepted today as clinical signals leading to cardiovascular diseases. Control of MS is therefore of a common health concern. While drug treatment is yet not available or may not be creditable, developing an effective health supplement against MS is highly justified.
Methods: A herbal formula composed of four herbs known to have anti MS pathological effects was used for in vivo and in vitro biological researches to verify its pharmacological effect, and subsequent pilot clinical trial.
Results: In vitro study: Adipocyte viability and cholesterol uptake, liver cell viability and anti-glycaemia effects, all gave positive results of good control. In vivo study testing herbal formula’s effects on obese mice also showed very promising results. In clinical trial, measurements of body weight, body circumferences, BMI, as well as liver fibrosis, all showed good responses after the herbal formula consumption.
Conclusion: Our efforts on the creation of an Evidence-Based Specific Supplement for the control of Metabolic Syndrome have harvested highly positive data in the laboratory. The subsequent 3 months’ pilot clinical trial showed positive data on the control of blood lipids, general body measurements and liver steatosis.
All Author(s) ListWat ECL, Koon JCM, Lau CBS, Yan CTM, Kwong WL, Chook P, Cheng WKF, Leung PC
Journal nameArchives of Diabetes & Obesity
Volume Number3
Issue Number2
PublisherLupine Publishers LLC
Pages286 - 292
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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