Prosodic transfer in Cantonese-English bilingual children’s sentence-final particles
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AbstractThis corpus-based study investigates the prosody of the production of Cantonese sentence-final particles (SFPs) by Cantonese-English bilingual children. We examine the production of 8 Cantonese-English bilingual children from ages 2;0 to 3;0 in the longitudinal Hong Kong Bilingual Child Language Corpus.

We have observed two bilingual intonation patterns in all the children studied: (1) “high pitch followed by a fall” and (2) “low pitch followed by a rise”, regardless of the sentence types. We argue that bilingual prosody is the result of cross-linguistic influence from English intonation. The results show that language dominance and the production of bilingual prosody are found to be positively correlated, r(27) =.431, p =.025. The more dominant the Cantonese-English bilingual child is in English, the greater cross-linguistic influence is from English, the more bilingual prosody is produced in Cantonese and code-mixed utterances.

These phenomena demonstrate how cross-linguistic influence is manifested in the prosody of Cantonese-English bilingual children when they produce SFPs.
All Author(s) ListJonathan Him Nok Lee, Regine Yee King Lai, Stephen Matthews, Virginia Yip
Name of ConferencePurdue Linguistics Symposium 2021
Start Date of Conference10/04/2021
End Date of Conference11/04/2021
Place of ConferencePurdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
Country/Region of ConferenceUnited States of America
LanguagesEnglish-United States
KeywordsProsodic transfer, Sentence-final particles, Cross-linguistic influence, Prosody, Bilingualism, Language acquisition

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