How to perform minimally invasive tibial cortex transverse transport surgery
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摘要Background/objective: The tibial cortex transverse transport (TTT) surgery has been reported for the treatment of severe diabetic foot ulcers with satisfactory clinical outcomes. TTT surgery can effectively regenerate the microvascular network in the lower limbs of these patients to promote ulcer healing and increase the chance of limb salvage.

Methods: In this report, the authors provide a technical guide to perform minimally invasive TTT surgery through the use of a specially designed external fixation frame and tibial corticotomy guide plate.

Results: This minimally invasive technique utilizes smaller skin incisions and preserves the local blood supply.

Conclusion: Our minimally invasive TTT surgery technique is a simple procedure that significantly increased the efficacy and reduced the complications of TTT surgery.

The Translational potential of this article: This report provides a step-by-step guide on how to perform minimally invasive TTT surgery. The use of specially designed external fixator and corticotomy guide plate are the key factors for a reproducible and successful TTT surgery. This report will serve as a reference guide for surgeons to perform TTT surgery.
著者Li G, Ling S, Li H, Zhang Y, Hu J
期刊名稱Journal of Orthopaedic Translation
頁次28 - 32

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