Thermal-irradiant performance of green infrastructure typologies: Field measurement study in a subtropical climate city
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AbstractGreenery infrastructure (GI) is an important design strategy for sustainable cities and communities' development, as it brings multiple benefits including mitigating urban heat island. Based on the implementation locations, three typical GI typologies, namely green roof, green wall, and ground tree, are widely adopted in urban communities. As previous studies focused on one single GI and mainly studied their thermal features, this study aims to fill the gap by investigating three GI typologies within one site; their thermal-irradiant performance was compared for four typical summer days in a subtropical city. Firstly, stationary and transect measurements were taken for six points (three greenery and three bare points); two typical measuring methods, i.e., the globe thermometer and the six-directional methods, were employed to collect irradiant variables. Secondly, the thermal-irradiant differences were revealed among GI typologies and temporal periods; two measuring methods were compared for their capabilities in detecting the irradiant variations near three GI typologies. Results showed that: 1) the ground tree experienced the smallest thermal-irradiant average and variation among three GI typologies; 2) the morning session (09:00–12:00) had the largest thermal-irradiant reduction and variations for three GI typologies; and 3) the six-directional method showed higher sensitivity towards the irradiant variations near three GI typologies; the globe thermometer method is not suitable for tree-shaded areas. This study provides a comprehensive understanding of proper selection of MRT measuring methods and GI implementation for thermal comfort, especially for the subtropical cities. Practically, this study shows designers and policymakers on how to implement GI typologies for climate-resilient design.
Acceptance Date24/12/2020
All Author(s) ListWanlu Ouyang, Tobi Eniolu Morakinyo, Chao Ren, Sheng Liu, Edward Ng
Journal nameScience of the Total Environment
Volume Number764
Article number144635
LanguagesEnglish-United States
KeywordsGreen infrastructure typologies, Field measurement, Thermal-irradiant performance, Mean radiant temperature (MRT), Outdoor thermal comfort, Subtropical climate

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