Magnesium-pretreated periosteum for promoting bone-tendon healing after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Publication in refereed journal


摘要Periosteum can improve tendon-bone healing when applied to wrap the tendon graft in both animal studies and clinical trials. As magnesium (Mg) ions can significantly elevate the levels of relevant cytokines involving in the osteogenic differentiation of periosteum-derived stem cells, the Mg-pretreated periosteum may be an innovative approach for enveloping the tendon graft. To test this hypothesis, we compared the effects of Mg-pretreated periosteum (M − P) and the stainless steel (SS)-pretreated periosteum (SS–P) in ACL reconstruction. We firstly found that the released Mg ions from the Mg implants were partially accumulated in periosteum, resulting in higher Mg/Ca ratio in the M − P compared to the SS-P. Additionally, the M − P showed significantly higher expression levels of calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) and periostin than the SS-P due to the decrease in Cathepsin K (CTSK). Elevation of CGRP and periostin was beneficial for the osteogenic differentiation of periosteum-derived stem cells. More importantly, we demonstrated that the M − P remarkably increased the formation of fibrocartilage at the interface between the periosteum and tendon. Collectively, M − P group demonstrated significantly prevented peri-tunnel bone loss, more osseous ingrowth into the tendon graft and higher maximum load to failure as compared to the SS-P group. In summary, our study warrants further investigations for translating the current proof-of-concept findings to optimize the delivery of CGRP, periostin, and cells as novel practical therapeutic strategy for enhancing tendon-bone interface healing in patients undergoing ACL reconstruction.
著者Jiali Wang, Jiankun Xu, Xinluan Wang, Liyuan Sheng, Lizhen Zheng, Bin Song, Ge Wu, Ri Zhang, Hao Yao, Nianye Zheng, Michael Tim Yun Ong, Patrick Shu-hang Yung, Ling Qin
關鍵詞ACL reconstruction, CGRP, Magnesium, Periosteum, Macrophages

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