Traditional Chinese Medicine and Atopic Dermatitis – Research Promises
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摘要Being considered as the first step in the “atopic march,” atopic dermatitis (AD) may progressively develop from a typical sequence of AD, food allergy, allergic rhinitis and asthma. Patients with AD may need to go through great lengths in order to achieve some relief, while others may even be at the expense of their long-term health. Continuous efforts have been, and are still being made in the search for alternative or adjunct therapies for relieve or treatment. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a long history for use in allergies and AD. TCM utilizes herbs that are combined in a prescription in accordance to Chinese medicine theories. With the increasing demand for TCM in recent decades, its efficacy and safety have been frequently questioned. Pentaherbs Formula (PHF) is a Chinese herbal oral concoction modified from an ancient TCM formulation. Previous clinical trials demonstrated its potential in children with moderate-to-severe AD. In vitro and in vivo experiments further confirmed its efficacy and provided insight on the underlying mechanisms which contribute to the observed beneficial effects. The promises of PHF on AD both clinically and pre-clinically have led to the further exploration of its potential as topical therapy from simple topical lotions, to encapsulation with hydrogel conjugation or even application onto the natural fabric as textile-based transdermal therapy. This chapter will utilize PHF as an example, to illustrate to readers on efforts and stages taken in TCM research in an attempt to adopt this historic and yet unique complementary medicine to become a safer and scientific-based therapy for wider applications.
著者Ben Chung Lap Chan, Elaine Wat, Ellis Kam Lun Hon, Xiaoxiao Wu, Miranda Sin Man Tsang, William Cheng, Wing Sum Siu, Chi Man Koon, Jiawei Ling, Wenyi Wang, Chi Wai Kan, Patrick Hui, Frency Ng, Clara Bik San Lau, Chun Kwok Wong, Ping Chung Leung
編輯Andreas Maur
書名Atopic Dermatitis: From Diagnosis to Treatment
系列標題Dermatology – Laboratory and Clinical Research
出版社Nova Science Publishers
出版地New York
頁次215 - 232
關鍵詞atopic dermatitis, traditional Chinese medicine, pentaherbs, Moutan Cortex, hydrogel, textile

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