Genetic variation in ABCB5 associates with risk of hepatocellular carcinoma
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摘要Expression of ATP‐binding cassette B5 (ABCB5) has been demonstrated to confer chemoresistance, enhance cancer stem cell properties and associate with poor prognosis in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). The aim of this study was to evaluate the genetic variations of ABCB5 in HCC patients with reference to healthy individuals and the clinicopathological significance. A pilot study has examined 20 out of 300 pairs HCC and paralleled blood samples using conventional sequencing method to cover all exons and exon/intron regions to investigate whether there will be novel variant sequence and mutation event. A total of 300 HCC and 300 healthy blood DNA samples were then examined by Sequenom MassARRAY genotyping and pyrosequencing for 38 SNP and 1 INDEL in ABCB5. Five novel SNPs were identified in ABCB5. Comparison of DNA from blood samples of HCC and healthy demonstrated that ABCB5 SNPs rs75494098, rs4721940 and rs10254317 were associated with HCC risk. Specific ABCB5 variants were associated with aggressive HCC features. SNP rs17143212 was significantly associated with ABCB5 expression level. Nonetheless, the paralleled blood and tumour DNA sequences from HCC patients indicated that ABCB5 mutation in tumours was not common and corroborated the TCGA data sets. In conclusion, ABCB5 genetic variants had significant association with HCC risk and aggressive tumour properties.
著者Leung Idy C.‐Y, Chong Charing C.‐N, Cheung Tan T, Yeung Philip C, Ng Kelvin K.‐C, Lai Paul B.‐S, Chan Stephen L, Chan Anthony W.‐H, Tang Patrick M.‐K, Cheung Siu T
期刊名稱Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
詳細描述Corresponding Authors: Tang Ming-Kuen Patrick and CHEUNG Siu-tim
頁次10705 - 10713
關鍵詞drug transporter, liver cancer, multidrug resistance

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