The Effects of Race, Gender, and Gender-Typed Behavior on Children’s Friendship Appraisals
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AbstractFrom a young age, children’s peer appraisals are influenced by the social categories to which peers belong based on factors such as race and gender. To date, research regarding the manner in which race- and gender-related factors might interact to influence these appraisals has been limited. The present study employed an experimental vignette paradigm to investigate the relative influences of target peers’ race, gender, and gender-typed behavior toward 4- to 6-year-old Chinese children’s (N = 119, 62 girls, 57 boys) peer appraisals. Appraisals were assessed via (1) a rating scale measuring children’s interest in being friends with a range of hypothetical target peers varying in race, gender, and gender-typed behavior, and (2) a forced-choice rank-order task in which children indicated their preferences for four hypothetical target peers who varied from themselves on either race, gender, or gender-typed behavior, or were similar to themselves on all three traits. There was little evidence to suggest children’s rank-ordered peer preferences in relation to race were influenced by whether the other-race presented was White (preferred relatively more) or Black (preferred relatively less). In contrast, gender-related factors (i.e., rater gender, target gender, target gender-typed behavior) had more robust influences on peer preferences for both outcome measures. Gender-conforming peers were preferred over gender-nonconforming peers, and target boys displaying feminine behavior were less preferred than target girls displaying masculine behavior. The results help characterize cross-cultural (in)consistencies in children’s social preferences in relation to peers’ race and gender.
Acceptance Date19/08/2020
All Author(s) ListQian M. K., Wang Y., Wong W. I., Fu G., Zuo B., VanderLaan D. P.
Journal nameArchives of Sexual Behavior
LanguagesEnglish-United States

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