Differentiation of epidermal stem cells from iPSC
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AbstractThe objective of the project is to establish an inhouse protocol for generating human epidermal stem cells (EpSCs) from iPSC. Skin composes of several components, including interfollicular epidermal cells, sweat glands, hair follicles and sebaceous glands to function as physical barrier in defense mechanism and body temperature regulation. EpSCs are found at the basal layer in epidermis and bulge region near hair follicle. These EpSCs are responsible for maintenance and healing of skin.
Although skin process an extent of regenerative potential to provide defense as physical barrier under normal circumstances, loss of EpSCs due to aging, third-degree burn and genetic disorder would lead to partial skin degeneration and make patients susceptible to microbial infection.
There are three approaches to study skin substitutes, including direct differentiation from iPSC to EpSCs, co-culture of iPSC-keratinocytes and iPSC-fibroblasts, and skin organoids from embryoid bodies. While direct differentiation approach provides direct study of the EpSCs, co-culture and organoid approaches allow study of interaction between cell types.
Last year’s experiment focus on the direct differentiation approach. Depending on Yang’s finding in 2014, we explored different factors on the differentiation of EpSCs from iPSC. Feeder cells density, embryoid body density, presence of feeder cells, coating matrix were tested in different trials. Detachment of cells clumps and failure in passage attachment were encountered. Immunostaining and qPCR analysis were performed on Day 18 differentiated EpSCs showed only small population met the required CD200+/ITGA6+ EpSC population. This suggests further testing are required to establish the protocol of differentiation.
All Author(s) ListSee Wing Chan, Hoi Hung Cheung, Wai Yee Chan
Name of Conference2020 MOE Key Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine Postgraduate Student Exchange and Research Symposium
Start Date of Conference18/11/2020
End Date of Conference18/11/2020
Place of ConferenceOnline
Country/Region of ConferenceHong Kong
LanguagesEnglish-United States
Keywordshuman epidermal stem cells, iPSC

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