Age-related DNA methylation in paired normal and tumour breast tissue in Chinese breast cancer patients
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AbstractAge-related DNA methylation is a potential mechanism contributing to breast cancer development. Studies of primarily Caucasian women have identified many CpG sites of age-related methylation in non-diseased breast tissue possibly driving cancer development over time. There is a paucity of studies involving Asian women whose ages at breast cancer onset are usually younger than Caucasians. We identified the 181 most consistent age-related methylation events in non-diseased breast tissue across published studies. Age-related methylation events were measured in adjacent normal and breast tumour tissue in an exclusively Asian population at the previously identified age-related methylation sites. Age-related methylation was found in 118 probes in adjacent normal breast tissue. Methylation of 99% of these sites was increased with age and predominantly located on CpG islands in promoter regions. To ascertain biological relevance to breast cancer, we focused on the 37 sites with overall higher methylation in tumour compared to adjacent normal samples. Some sites positively related to age, including AQP5 and CORO6, inversely correlated with gene expression. Several others have known involvement in suppression of carcinogenesis including GPC5 and SST, suggesting that perturbation of epigenetic regulation at these sites due to ageing may contribute to the progression of carcinogenesis. This study highlights an age-related methylation landscape in non-tumour tissue, consistent not just across studies, but also across different populations. We present candidate age-related methylation sites warranting further investigation as potential epigenetic drivers of breast cancer. They may serve as potential targets of site-specific demethylation intervention strategies for the prevention of age-related breast cancer.
Acceptance Date18/08/2020
All Author(s) ListKiely M, Tse LA, Koka H, Wang D, Lee P, Wang F, Wu C, Tsang KH, Chan WC, Law SH, Zhang H, Karlins E, Zhu B, Hutchinson A, Hicks B, Zhu B, Yang XR
Journal nameEpigenetics
Volume Number16
Issue Number6
PublisherTaylor & Francis
Pages677 - 691
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsAging, Breast cancer, DNA methylation

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