The Hong Kong survey on the epidemiology of trauma exposure and posttraumatic stress disorder
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AbstractThis study examined the epidemiology of trauma exposure (TE) and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among community‐dwelling Chinese adults in Hong Kong. Multistage stratification sampling design was used, and 5,377 participants were included. In Phase 1, TE, probable PTSD (p‐PTSD), and psychiatric comorbid conditions were examined. In Phase 2, the Structured Clinical Interview for the DSM‐IV (SCID‐I) was used to determine the weighted diagnostic prevalence of lifetime full PTSD. Disability level and health service utilization were studied. The findings showed that the weighted prevalence of TE was 64.8%, and increased to 88.7% when indirect TE types were included, with transportation accidents (50.8%) reported as the most common TE. The prevalence of current p‐PTSD among participants with TE was 2.9%. Results of logistic regression suggested that nine specific trauma types were significantly associated with p‐PTSD; among this group, severe human suffering, sexual assault, unwanted or uncomfortable sexual experience, captivity, and sudden and violent death carried the greatest risks for developing PTSD, odds ratio (OR) = 2.32–2.69. The occurrence of p‐PTSD was associated with more mental health burdens, including (a) sixfold higher rates for any past‐week common mental disorder, OR = 28.4, (b) more mental health service utilization, p < .001, (c) poorer mental health indexes in level of symptomatology, suicide ideation and functioning, p < .001, and (d) more disability, ps < .001–p = .014. The associations found among TE, PTSD, and health service utilization suggest that both TE and PTSD should be considered public health concerns.
All Author(s) ListKitty K. Wu, Patrick W.L. Leung, Corine S.M. Wong, Philippa M.W. Yu, Betty T.C. Luk, Jamie P.K. Cheng, Rose M.F. Wong, Patsy P.S. Wong, Joey C.C. Lui, Jeanie C.F. Ngan, Flora L.T. Leung, Linda C.W. Lam
Journal nameJournal of Traumatic Stress
Volume Number32
Issue Number5
PublisherInternational Society for Traumatic Stress Studies
Pages664 - 676
LanguagesEnglish-United States

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