Basic echocardiography competence program in intensive care units: A multinational survey of intensive care units accredited by the College of Intensive Care Medicine
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Scopus ( 29/11/2020)

摘要In 2014, basic critical care echocardiography (BCCE) competence became a mandatory requirement for trainees registered with the College of Intensive Care Medicine (CICM). To determine the proportion of CICM intensive care units (ICUs) that conduct a BCCE competence program and to learn about the barriers/challenges and successful strategies, we conducted a survey of intensivists working in ICUs accredited by CICM for basic/advanced training in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ireland and India. Following consultations with content experts and a trial phase to improve clarity and minimise ambiguity, an 11-point questionnaire survey was sent to one intensivist from every CICM-accredited ICU by several methods. Participation was voluntary. Consent was implied. No incentives were offered. Results are reported as numbers and percentages. Of the 104 ICUs surveyed, 99 (95.1%) responded, with 75 (75.8%) having no BCCE teaching whatsoever. In the remaining 24 (24.2%) ICUs, the teaching process was widely variable. Only 5/99 (5.1%) ICUs provided a structured BCCE competence program through which trainees performed and archived BCCE scans, maintained a logbook and underwent formative and summative assessments for credentialling. Six more ICUs provided formative assessment but relied on external bodies for competence assessment. Overall, 20/99 (20.2%) ICUs allowed trainees to perform unsupervised scans for clinical management, even if they were not BCCE competent. Nineteen intensivists perceived management errors due to misinterpretation of echocardiographic findings. Very few CICM-accredited ICUs offer a structured BCCE competence program. To fulfil the objective of universal BCCE competence, potential solutions are presented.
著者Rajamani A, Knudsen S, Ngoc Bich Ha Huynh K, Huang S, Wong WT, Ting I, McLean AS, Chi Wa Ng J, Parmar J, Salvi M, Ramanathan K, SPARTAN Collaborative
期刊名稱Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
出版社SAGE Publications
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