Green tea extract as a cryoprotectant additive to preserve the motility and DNA integrity of human spermatozoa
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AbstractCryopreservation impairs sperm quality and functions, including motility and DNA integrity. Antioxidant additives in sperm freezing media have previously brought improvements in postthawed sperm quality. Green tea extract (GTE) is widely considered as an excellent antioxidant, and its beneficial role has been proven in other human cells. This study aims to evaluate the GTE as a potential additive in cryopreservation media of human spermatozoa. In part one, the semen of 20 normozoospermic men was used to optimize the concentration of GTE that maintains sperm motility and DNA integrity against oxidative stress, induced by hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Spermatozoa were treated with GTE at different concentrations before incubation with H2O2. In part two, the semen of 45 patients was cryopreserved with or without 1.0 ng ml-1 GTE. After 2 weeks, the semen was thawed, and the effect on sperm motility and DNA fragmentation was observed. Our data showed that GTE significantly protected sperm motility and DNA integrity against oxidative stress induced by H2O2when added at a final concentration of 1.0 ng ml-1. We found that the addition of 1.0 ng ml-1 GTE to cryopreservation media significantly increased sperm motility and DNA integrity (both P < 0.05). More interestingly, patients with high sperm DNA damage benefited similarly from the GTE supplementation. However, there was no significant change in the reactive oxygen species (ROS) level. In conclusion, supplementing sperm freezing media with GTE has a significant protective effect on human sperm motility and DNA integrity, which may be of clinical interest.
Acceptance Date19/07/2020
All Author(s) ListAlqawasmeh Odai AM, Zhao Mingpeng, Chan Carol PS, Leung Maran BW, Chow Ki C, Agarwal Nikunj, Mak Jennifer SM, Wang Chi C, Chi P Pang, Li Tin C, Chu Wai K, Chan David YL
Journal nameAsian Journal of Andrology
Volume Number23
Issue Number2
Pages150 - 156
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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