Roselle-like Zn2Ti3O8/rGO nanocomposite as anode for lithium ion capacitor
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摘要To satisfy the sharp increasing demands of consumer and portable electronic devices, lithium ion capacitors (LICs) are required to provide higher energy and power densities. In view of this, herein, we report a feasible and controllable method to prepare uniform Roselle-like Zn2Ti3O8/reduced graphene oxide (ZTO/rGO) nanocomposite for application as anode of LIC. The results indicate that a compact interface is formed between ZTO and rGO through O(ZTO) - C(rGO) bonds, which can significantly enhance electron transport kinetics. As expected, the ZTO/rGO nanocomposite displays a high reversible specific capacity of 560 mAh g(-1) at 0.1 A g(-1) and 300 mAh g(-1) at 2.0 A g(-1) with superior rate capability. More remarkably, for the first time, the ZTO/rGO nanocomposite-based LIC is designed and fabricated, which delivers a high energy density of 204 Wh kg(-1) at a power density of 112.5 W kg(-1), and ultrahigh power density of 67500 W kg(-1) with an energy density of 54.6 Wh kg(-1). Moreover, the device can retain 76% of the capacity after 1000 cycles at 1.0 A g(-1). The ZTO/rGO-based LIC is expected to be an alternative energy storage device in the future.
著者Zhu WQ, El-Khodary SA, Li SY, Zou BB, Kang R, Li GC, Ng DHL, Liu XH, Qiu JX, Zhao Y, Huang YP, Lian JB, Li HM
期刊名稱Chemical Engineering Journal
關鍵詞Electrochemical energy storage, Zn2Ti3O8/rGO nanocomposite, Lithium ion capacitor, High energy density, Ultrahigh power density
Web of Science 學科類別Engineering, Environmental;Engineering, Chemical;Engineering

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