Using uReply activity in an introductory first aid casualty scenario game for junior secondary school students
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摘要Game-based learning for small group classes can foster active and experiential learning, teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking skills. Activity ranking in uReply, a web-based Student Response System, is a new feature in the single-item session component. We describe our experience of using uReply activity ranking in an introductory first aid casualty scenario game for junior secondary school students.

Educational goals of first aid training for junior secondary school include knowledge and skills in calling emergency number, choking, recovery positioning, wound and burn care, stopping bleeding and managing minor injury to bones, muscles or joints. As part the Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Knowledge Transfer Outreach Project, we developed and assessed a 2.5 hour introductory non-resuscitative first aid course, with a game-based formative assessment component, for 140 secondary students (11-12 years old).

Immediately after practical skills training by volunteer physicians, students formed small groups to compete with one another by responding to a scenario with several events during a school camping trip in Sai Kung Country Park. Seventy students used uReply activity ranking on iPad devices to respond to eight multiple choice questions and instructors assessed students’ role play of injured classmates and first aid responders for treating minor abrasions, ankle sprain, choking and scald injury using first aid kits. The remaining 70 students used a paper-based format instead of uReply. The median (IQR) team score (out of 12) was higher in the uReply group (11.5, 10.3-12.0) than the paper-based format group (10, 9.3-11.0) [P=0.045]. To enable more flexibility for teams to work at their own pace competitively, uReply activity ranking in the multiple-item session component is suggested in the next update.
著者Lee Anna, Cheng Yee Han, Sharma Amar, Wong Kevin
會議名稱Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2019/2020
會議地點Chinese University of Hong Kong
關鍵詞First aid, secondary school, UReply

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