Limiting Life-Sustaining Therapies
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摘要In many critically ill patients, it is uncertain whether the chance of survival and recovery justifies the suffering that is associated with (prolonged) life support. This chapter discusses the circumstances when limiting life-sustaining therapies may be permissible, advisable, or even imperative. Differences between withholding and withdrawing are commented on as well as the role of intensity- or time-limited treatment trials. We discuss strategies to make careful decisions on limiting life-sustaining therapies and suggest how withdrawal of life support can be implemented.
著者Diederik van Dijk, Carole Boulanger, Gavin Joynt, Andrej Michalsen, Jan Bakker
編輯Andrej Michalsen, Nicholas Sadovnikoff
書名Compelling Ethical Challenges in Critical Care and Emergency Medicine
出版社Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020
頁次109 - 118

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