Chinese Herbal Medicine and Its Application for Female Cancer
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摘要Chinese herbal medicines (CHMs) have been widely used to promote health and treat illnesses in daily medical care throughout Asia while mostly accepted as an alternative medical method in many nations of the western world. CHM has a unique therapeutic effect to reduce adverse effects on cancer patients caused by chemotherapy and surgery; however, we did not find any high-quality review for the claimed effects. In this review, we will summarize the history, basic theories and principles, and clinical applications of CHM for disorders, especially female cancers. Meta-analyses to evaluate the efficacy and safety of CHM in the treatment of ovarian cancer and breast cancer have been conducted. The results showed that combined CHMs and western medicines treatment (CHM-WM) had significantly relieved the symptoms and reduced the side effects after surgery and chemotherapy on both ovarian cancer and breast cancer. However, more high-quality and large-scale RCTs are necessary to confirm the efficacy and safety of CHM-WM
著者Wang Rongyun, Sun Qiuhua, Lin Yifan, Wang Ling, Liu Yuan, Wang Chi Chiu, Li Lu
編輯Bassam Abdul Rasool Hassan
書名Medicinal Plants - Use in Prevention and Treatment of Diseases
頁次175 - 180

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