Impact of COVID-19 on Orthopaedic clinical service, education and research in a University hospital
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摘要The medical system of Hong Kong has been heavily affected by COVID-19. Adaptations are necessary to continue clinical care, education, and research, while minimising the risk of infection of our staff and students. Here, we report our early experience in response to the challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Translational Potential of this Article
This perspective can help to disseminate knowledge from an orthopaedic unit in a university hospital on overcoming the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, including clinical practice, education of medical students, and research.
著者Michael Tim-Yun Ong, Samuel Ka-Kin Ling, Ronald Man-Yeung Wong, Kevin Ki-Wai Ho, Simon Kwoon-Ho Chow, Louis Wing-Hoi Cheung, Patrick Shu-Hang Yung
期刊名稱Journal of Orthopaedic Translation
關鍵詞clinical service, COVID-19, education, orthopaedics research

上次更新時間 2021-02-08 於 00:02